Professor Nardo Speaks at SIRU Event

Many thanks to the Italian Society for Human Reproduction (SIRU) for inviting RHG’s Clinical Director Luciano Nardo to participate as an invited speaker at their recent meeting in Lampedusa, Italy.

The meeting was held 11 – 13 October with the aim of discussing and reaching a consensus on some of the issues surrounding IVF treatment with donated eggs or sperm and to form some recommendations for good practice, comparing the approach within Italy to that of other European countries.

Key topics for discussion included egg and sperm donor selection, counselling for recipients of donated eggs or sperm, the fertilisation of fresh and frozen eggs, embryo transfer in donor IVF cycles and pregnancy support for those achieving a pregnancy through IVF with donor eggs or donor sperm. Professor Nardo greatly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this meeting of experts within the field and to contribute towards the recommending of new guidelines for best clinical practice in IVF.