Embryoscope time lapse

Recurrent implantation failure refers to cases where good quality embryos have failed to implant following several IVF cycles for the same patient.

The failure could be due to either maternal or paternal factors or issues with the embryo. Maternal factors could include uterine abnormalities, thrombophilia, problems with the endometrium which make it non-receptive to the embryo, or immunological factors whilst paternal factors could be related to sperm. Issues related to the embryo could involve genetic abnormalities.

Recurrent implantation failure investigation

New methods of time-lapsing images of embryos, such as The GERI™ timelapse system system used here at RHG, make it possible for embryologists to closely monitor the development of embryos prior to transfer back into the patient’s uterus and to select those with the best potential for implantation.

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