If you’re in and around Liverpool and the Wirral, listen out for the new RHG-IVF Life commercials on Radio City.

Listeners are being asked to ‘Why Wait?’ if they need fertility treatment, and to contact RHG-IVF Life.

You can preview the commercial below.

And what’s more, listeners are eligible for a free 30-minute mini-consultation with one of the RHG doctors. During this appointment you can also view our state-of-the-art IVF clinic and meet your patient care co-ordinator who will guide you through your treatment.

You could also opt to have your AMH blood test* at this appointment.  Measuring the hormone AMH is the most accurate indicator of how many eggs a woman has.  This is also known as her ‘ovarian reserve’.  With other test results, it can help predict a woman’s chance of getting pregnant either naturally or with fertility treatment.  The results will be available at your first visit consultation.

Interim Medical Director Dr James Armatage said: “Investment, restructuring, and recruitment means we currently have no waiting lists at RHG-IVF Life. Also, waiting for treatment can sometimes have an impact on its chance of success.”

For example – how old are you? A woman’s age can be an additional factor to her infertility. Do you have time to wait to progress through the NHS series of tests and assessments? Can you afford the time to wait?  If not, why wait?

Is any NHS funding available to you?  And if so, how long is the waiting list? Or can you afford to choose private fertility treatment? If so, why wait?

Book your free 30 minute free mini-consultation today – after all, why wait?  We look forward to seeing you at RHG-IVF Life in Daresbury.

*chargeable but deducted from cost of full visit consultation