RHG baby becomes Internet sensation!

It was lovely to read about one of our RHG babies in last Friday’s Lancashire Telegraph. The story featured one of our patients who underwent fertility treatment with the help of a sperm donor and her gorgeous little boy, Harry, who’s modelling career has already started… at 7 months old!

Here is the news story in full…

A TEACHER who gave up on Tiny tot, takes the web by storm as face of retail company finding ‘Mr Right’ has welcomed her first child with the help of an anonymous sperm donor.

Jessica Orme, 36, from Blackburn said she had always wanted children but decided to go it on her own as a single mum because she couldn’t find the right partner.

The primary school teacher said she now could not imagine life without gorgeous little Harry, who, at seven months-old, is already breaking hearts as the face of a Lancashire baby company.

Miss Orme, who sought treatment with The Reproductive Health Group in Cheshire, said: “I’d been on the council adoption waiting list for 18 months, and had not been successful.

“And so I investigated other routes. Reproductive Health Group, and surgeon Luciano Nardo were brilliant from the start.

“Harry’s daddy is an anonymous sperm donor from America.

“I’d always wanted children, but I just never met the right man. Now I’m too stubborn and set in my own ways to want to change that, and so I decided to go down the single route instead.

“It’s the best decision I ever made.

“Harry and I are a perfect little unit and I’m so grateful that he’s in my life.”

And the proud mum from Ewood said her little star was now a social media sensation after he landed a modelling job with baby company ‘Bizzi Growin’, based in Chorley.

Miss Orme said: “When Harry was born, one of my friends bought me a voucher for a newborn baby photoshoot.

“The photographer came to the house when Harry was around four months old. And then, on Mothering Sunday this year, she called back and asked if Harry wanted to be a model.

“It’s so funny. I’ll be flicking through Instagram and Facebook and then I’ll be like, ‘Ooh, look, there’s my child’.

“I’m very proud of him and I’m glad others find him as cute as I do.”

Harry can now be seen modelling a range of bedding and blankets.

Miss Orme said: “We go to a baby sensory group and one of the ladies there said, ‘I recognise him… is your little boy on a website?’

“Harry can be quite smiley and photogenic when he’s happy and entertained.

“But on the day of the photoshoot he actually had a bit of a meltdown half way through.

“He’d just had his 16-week jabs and he was dosed up on Calpol. But he had a few tears and then carried on like a true professional.”

Luciano Nardo, clinical director of The Reproductive Health Group, said: “We’ve had lots and lots of beautiful babies born through our clinic, but we’ve never had a child model until now.

“He’s a gorgeous little boy.”