RHG is an exceptional service for fertility treatment

Where can I start? 

Our journey started in 2017 when I had a ruptured ectopic. This followed by 3 other miscarriages and another ectopic. 

At the time, I was under the care of an NHS hospital and thought my needs were fully met… well I was wrong! 

I remember crying every day and feeling like a total failure. What’s more, the increase of pregnancy losses had taken a massive toll on my mental health. I am quite a strong person with a very bubbly personality but slowly but surely I became a recluse and personal relationships with friends and family had been strained.  

After great research I came across RHG and had done a lot of research from pregnancy/ baby forums to fertility support groups. I read a number of fantastic reviews about the clinic and felt it was a no brainer to choose the clinic.

After my consultation, I knew that I had made the correct decision. As a result, I was LISTENED to for the first time. The doctor advised my partner and I to have further pregnancy loss investigations. This consisted of me having the hysteroscopy and the EMMA/ALICE/ERA test. I welcomed the idea of investigating this as this was crucial in order to achieve my goal. The next stage was to have an egg collection followed by a transfer. 32 eggs were collected, 20 fertilised and 10 made it to blastocysts. I couldn’t believe how much I responded to the medicine.  

A special mention to Suzanne Loughlin, who gave me the personalised care and reassurance. Katrina Green who gave me the confidence throughout the treatment as at times I ‘was picking myself off the floor’. 

Currently, I am pregnant and without RHG team I would still be the shell of person I once was. They were clear and concise with the information and I know they are highly determined to create life for many couples.