HFEA Statement

Dear Patients,

Covid-19 certainly created a challenging and extraordinary environment that has affected all of us one way or the other. Data suggests that it will remain a reality in our lives and practices for a prolonged period of time. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic is becoming more controlled in the UK, and we can start seeing a path, a return to normal daily activities will follow and the provision of assisted conception treatment cycles will resume gradually and cautiously. At the Reproductive Health Group we will follow the Government recommendations and the Authority guidance for a safe, effective and orderly restart of clinical activities in the fertility sector.

Infertility is a disease that needs treatment in a timely fashion. We are of course concerned about the impact that the lack of provision has had on our patients, but fully support the actions taken to reduce the risk of viral transmission and the burden on public healthcare resources. We are pleased to see that ESHRE and ASRM have already published patient management and clinical guidance on recommencing assisted conception cycles and the ARCS and BFS will shortly be publishing their best practice guidelines for the UK. We are also extremely pleased to see that the HFEA have today announced that from week commencing 11 May fertility clinics can apply to reopen.

At the Reproductive Health Group we want to ensure that vigilance and measured steps will be taken at all times to mimimise the risks of Covid-19 transmission to patients and clinic staff. Prior to resuming routine fertility activities we will perform adequate risk assessments, produce carefully considered written policies and procedures for risk mitigation, disseminate educational materials and invest in new resources and systems to provide the highest quality of personalised care.

Rest assured that we aim to assist as many patients as possible to resume fertility treatment as soon as practically and safely possible.

Professor Luciano Nardo
Clinical Director