RHG’s Professor Nardo cleared of all charges following two-day trial

On Friday 20th December 2019, Professor Luciano Nardo, founder and Clinical Director of the Reproductive Health Group, was cleared of all charges relating to three assaults, which were alleged to have taken place earlier this year.



Accused of assault

Professor Nardo went on trial at Tameside Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 17th December, accused of assaulting and threatening Mr Stuart Davies, his father Mr Dennis Davies and an unnamed 16-year-old in Wilmslow on Sunday 20th January this year.

Professor Nardo denied all three counts of assault.

The night of the alleged attacks, the renowned gynaecologist, who has helped thousands of couples in the country create the families they’ve always dreamt of, received physical harm from the accusers, who maliciously attempted to reverse the truth in order to cause him significant damage.

‘Grotesquely exaggerating’

During the two-day trial, Michael Hayton QC, defending, said there were several discrepancies between Stuart Davies’ evidence in court and the statement he gave to the police on the night of the alleged attack.

Mr Hayton went on to accuse Davies of ‘grotesquely exaggerating the incident because you really do not like this guy (Professor Nardo). What you are doing is exaggerating and embellishing as you go along. You were the violent one that night.’

Indeed, it was Professor Nardo who sustained physical injuries on the evening in question.

British justice prevailed

Of the verdict, a spokesperson for the Reproductive Health Group commented:

“Professor Nardo was left devastated by the accusations and threats levelled against him. Anyone who knows him in a personal or professional capacity understands him to be a compassionate, caring and honest man. The alleged victims were rightly exposed as having deceived the police during initial investigations and wilfully lied in court; the British justice system triumphed. Honesty and transparency were on Professor Nardo’s side. Both he and his family have been deeply impacted by the stress and repercussions of the fabricated accusations. It is frightening how easily deception, manipulation and falsehoods can affect lives. It is also unbelievably sad how a teenager can be dragged into such a situation by controlling adults. Professor Nardo is now wishing to move on from the events of 2019 and return to his life-changing work.”

A compassionate and very professional man

The Reproductive Health Group prides itself on being at the cutting edge of patient-focused services and treatments, and consistently strives to be one of the best of its kind in the UK.

On a daily basis, the clinic receives testimonials from patients praising Professor Nardo’s clinical work and highly empathetic approach to gynaecology and fertility – the impact he has in changing lives and creating new ones is immeasurable.

On the group’s website, patients Kate and Jon call Professor Nardo “a hero”, whilst Hannah and Gregor state: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help, empathy and compassion throughout, we will never forget it. The treatment we received was amazing and the result, nine months later, is the best thing we could ever have imagined. You really have made our dreams come true.”

For further comment or an interview with Professor Nardo, please contact Annette Eckersley, Communication Manager at the Reproductive Health Group at aeckersley@reproductivehealthgroup.co.uk