Emma & Ben’s Story

After 2 unsuccessful rounds of ICSI on the NHS me and my husband decided to start looking into the possibility of finding a private consultant. After a lot of research we decided that Dr Nado was achieving great results and arranged a consultation. The centre was immaculate, the staff warm and friendly and after our first meeting Dr Nardo gave us confidence to try again. I did have 2 unsuccessful attempts at the centre which led to further tests on myself (as we thought we were just dealing with male infertility). My results came back and after a change of medications and use of intralipids I now have a beautiful baby girl. Infertility is hard, lonely and unfair but reproductive health group made it much easier and we always felt we were in the best hands.

I would recommend the counselling and acupuncture services and did make use of the nutritional advice offered.

I dealt with all of the consultants at some stage and their knowledge was amazing but Dr Nado was our ‘one’ he made everything we thought impossible come true and I’m not sure how to simply thank someone for that. The embryologist team were compassionate and sincere and every nurse made me feel like I could keep going.

For anyone thinking of using the service my advice is that I don’t think you will find better and I only wish we had gone there much sooner. We have 2 frozen embryos and will certainly be using the service again.

I never thought we would be one of the lucky ones and had seriously considered a future with no children. We are now one of those people and are thankful every time we look at her.

Emma and ben

Emma & Ben's Story