Jen and Connor’s Story

My husband and I are delighted to announce the birth of our son, all of which would not have been possible without the help, care and expertise of all the staff at RHG. From start to finish we have been supported every step of the way. We attended many appointments at the Daresbury clinic, each journey being a 120mile round trip, but we were always greeted with a warm smile and a cheery ‘hello’ and quick catch up from whoever was around. We were really made to feel as though our case was special to everyone there. Without their perseverence I wouldn’t have been diagnosed with a hypoplastic uterus, something which was likely to hinder our chances of a successful pregnancy. Consultations with staff at St Mary’s were arranged, and we continued with throughout the pregnancy and we are now the proudest parents of a baby boy.

We cannot thank the team at RHG enough, and would highly recommend the group to anyone who is beginning their journey to parenthood.

Jennifer and Connor

Dr Koon Loong Chan, Consultant Obstetrician at RHG, adds:

‘Jennifer and Connor saw me for advice before planning a pregnancy. Jennifer had a hypoplastic womb which is a rare condition and is associated with high chance of miscarriage, very early premature delivery and growth problems in the unborn baby. With a multidisciplinary team approach we were able to manage Jennifer when she fell pregnant and got her to a good number of weeks before she delivered a healthy baby. I am thrilled that Jennifer and Connor have had a fantastic outcome from our efforts and wish them all the best for the future.’

Jen and Connor's Story