Rebecca’s Story

I have just had an abdominal hysterectomy under the excellent care of Professor Nardo. I have had gynaecological problems from being 18 and have seen a number of different private gynaecologists for surgery since then so I had a good idea of what to expect, or so I thought.

The reality of surgery under the care of Prof. Nardo bore no resemblance to previous surgery and, in all honesty, blew my already high expectation of him, right out of the park! I was home after 2 days and hardly noticed anything had been done, no aches or pains, no real hindrance to any mobility, no tiredness, NOTHING! I felt a fraud even being off work.

I now feel better than I have ever felt in my adult life. In short, take it from someone who has tried the rest, look no further than Prof. Nardo and his brilliant team for whatever lies ahead for you, you will not find safer hands to be in.

I will not hesitate to recommend him to my loved ones, in fact I already have!

Rebecca Hunt