Tips from our midwife for enjoying your IVF pregnancy

Every baby is precious, but those waiting for their IVF babies to arrive may feel like they are walking on egg shells.

They may have experienced multiple losses on their journey or this may be the first time they’ve been pregnant and everything is new.

Pregnancy is an amazing time to marvel at how wonderfully our bodies can change and adapt to carrying a baby. Hopefully it isn’t a time of stress and anxiety. However, it is normal for couples to not completely believe they are going to get a baby at the end of this until they are holding them in their arms.

Relaxation and bonding with your baby are important to help with your babies development and even to help you have a more straightforward pregnancy and birth.

You can help yourself by taking time out, making an appointment with your baby, to relax, bond and talk to your baby. Yoga and mindfulness are great tools to help you to relieve anxiety. Hypnobirth can make a huge difference to your pregnancy and birth if you are worried or stressed about your baby’s arrival.

Find care givers that you can trust and use your time with them to ask questions. Get to know them so that they can see when you need extra support.

Read books but don’t expect to find one that you agree with 100%. Take every experts advice and then do what’s right for you and your baby, even if it’s the complete opposite. No one knows you or your baby like you do.

Ask for help. Midwives have heard everything. You cannot shock us. If you dreamt you ate your baby and you’re freaking out tell us. We are here to help.

Enjoy it. It’s a amazing journey. We hope to help you make it stress free and magical.

At RHG we offer a range of private maternity services, from midwife support, to tailored maternity packages and consultant-led care. If you would like to talk to us about how we can support you through your pregnancy please contact us here.