Vasectomy reversal

We undertake vasectomy reversal on a regular basis using magnification techniques which provide success rates of up to 95% for those patients who are within 10 years of vasectomy.

A consultation is usually undertaken with your partner; sometimes it may be that your partner will need a female fertility opinion. If the latter is the case then your partner will be referred to a female fertility specialist, before any vasectomy reversal is undertaken.

What is a vasectomy reversal?

You have previously had a vasectomy for contraception. You have now decided that you wish to have this reversed so as you can try to have children with your partner. The tube that carries the sperm from the testis to the penis is called the vas deferens; this is what is cut at the time of a vasectomy. A vasectomy reversal procedure involves putting the previously cut ends of your vas deferens back together.

This is done under a general anaesthetic and takes approximately 2 hours. The scrotum is opened to access the area. At the time of surgery your surgeon will try and put back together the tubes in the most appropriate place so as to allow sperm to travel through again. Several stitches are placed to join the tubes on each side. These stitches are very fine, almost as fine as your hair, so to ensure that they are placed properly we use magnification. If this operation is done using the naked eye then the result may not be as good.

Why do I need a vasectomy reversal?

With your partner, you have chosen to have a child. Having had a vasectomy before, this is not currently possible using natural methods. If you wish to have children using natural methods this is the best option for you.

What are the alternatives?

  • Sperm retrieval and ICSI
  • Adoption
  • Donor Sperm
  • Not to have children 

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