What are the costs associated with IUI?

Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, is often the first treatment used when couples have been trying to achieve a pregnancy for up to two years.

As it’s a relatively simple treatment, it’s suitable for almost anyone facing fertility problems and requires very little preparation.

But what does the IUI procedure involve, and what are the costs associated with it? In this blog post, we explain how the process  works, what fertility problems it can address, and what you can expect for your fee:

What is involved in the IUI procedure?

At the beginning of the IUI procedure, diagnostic tests will be required. Women must undergo a HyCoSy test, a HSG test or a laparoscopy, which look for things such as clear fallopian tubes. For men, a semen analysis is undertaken, to determine the quality of sperm.

Once these tests are complete, the procedure, which removes the need for sperm to make its way through to the cervix, can begin. Prepared sperm is inserted into the uterus via a catheter. This is done around the time of ovulation.

What is involved in the IUI procedure?

Your doctor will decide when the time is right to begin the IUI procedure. In some cases, a low dose of fertility drugs should be taken, in order to ensure at least three mature follicles (immature eggs) are available. The growth of these follicles are tracked by ultrasound.

Once the follicles have grown to the correct size, the woman can be injected with a trigger drug to ripen and release the egg. The sperm, taken from your partner, or is donor sperm, needs to be prepared two hours before the insemination takes place.

What is included in the IUI cost?

No person is the same, and so we believe their fertility problems won’t be either. That’s why every procedure we offer is completely bespoke.

In terms of the IUI cost, the basic procedure includes the following:

  • HEFA fee (when using donor sperm)
  • Monitoring scans
  • Sperm preparation
  • Insemination

There may be extra costs which include pre-treatment consultation, scans, screening bloods, purchase of sperm and medication.

What is included in the IUI cost?

You may also wish to consider sedation for insemination and freezing and storing sperm samples, as additional costs.

If you would like some further information on the IUI procedure, or you’d like support with other fertility problems, please contact a member of our team for help.