Fertility Consultations

Your initial consultation with your fertility specialist is an important moment.

It usually involves taking a detailed history  – not only of your fertility, but also about  your general health and that of your partner if you have one. Generally we would like if possible to arrange your initial fertility tests before the consultation, at an earlier visit to our clinic. These tests can also be arranged after the initial consultation and will involve assessing ovarian reserve, hormone levels, an ultrasound scan, and if you have a male partner a semen analysis.

If you have had tests or treatments carried out at other clinics please bring the reports with you. With the results available we will assess all the information, aim to help you understand the reason behind your infertility and discuss the most appropriate treatment for your requirements.

Deciding to start fertility treatment is a powerful step and we are here to assist you at every phase and stage of this equally exciting and stressful journey.

We encourage you to ask as many questions as possible, we are always happy to help and reassure you through one of the biggest decisions you will ever make and begin this journey with confidence.

How to book a consultation

If you would like to book a fertility consultation today, please contact us today on 01925 202180, email us at contact@reproductivehealthgroup.co.uk or contact us here.