What is a fertility MOT?

Couples that are trying to get pregnant without any success may understandably have worries about their ability to conceive.

While it’s important to remember that it takes some couples longer to conceive than others, the lack of success can put pressure on you.

This is why many people are guided in the direction of a fertility MOT – a test that can determine the likelihood of whether you can conceive.

In this guide, discover just what a fertility MOT is and why it’s now becoming such a popular option of fertility testing.

What exactly does it test?

For women, this kind of fertility check tests your level of Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH), which is produced by the ovary, and is usually a good indicator of the number of eggs you’re producing. This allows specialist consultants to see what your chances of conceiving are.

For men, our embryologists will carry out a semen analysis as part of our fertility health check.

As a patient, it’s important to remember that these tests, while not 100% accurate, are excellent guides on your ability to conceive.

Who are the prime candidates for a Fertility MOT?

Who are the prime candidates for a Fertility MOT?

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A Fertility MOT is suitable for any man or woman who is struggling to conceive.

There is no particular age range for which the test is required, due to it being a forecasted analysis. However, for those over the age of 35, the fertility levels are lower, so it’s important to consider your circumstances before your test.

Some people may consider a Fertility MOT due to their lifestyle choices. Couples who are overweight, smoke, or drink heavily may have a lower chance of conception and therefore, are understandably anxious about whether they will be able to have a baby.

Is it reliable?

Whether you are concerned about your fertility health, you are having difficulty in conceiving or you simply want some reassurance so that you can try for a baby without fear of the unknown, a fertility assessment is a great option.

For both men and women, using this test gives doctors and yourselves a fairly accurate idea as to your chances of conception and whether to consider IVF treatment.

Some refer to this form as ‘one indicator of fertility’, as it leaves out certain things, such as information on the quality of your eggs, whether you’re ovulating or the health of your fallopian tubes.

What issues can arise?

Fertility MOT

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The couple Fertility MOT is £250 whereas the cost for the female MOT is £150. If you require a pelvic ultrasound scan this can be done to check the ovaries and uterus. The cost for this is £225.

If you’re anxious about a Fertility MOT, try to remain calm. By receiving a consultation from a fertility clinic like Reproductive Health Group, you will be given a good idea of whether you are likely to conceive.