Why women choose to freeze their eggs

Egg freezing may be carried out for a number of reasons. These could include:

  • Social reasons – women who are concerned that their fertility may decline before they find the right partner or situation in which to have a child.
  • Medical reasons –  women who have a medical condition or treatment which may reduce their fertility.
  • Occupational reasons – women whose occupations could lead to a fertility affecting injury or even death, e.g. members of the Armed Forces.
  • Gender reassignment cases of females transitioning to males.

At RHG eggs are immediately frozen after retrieval using a technique called vitrification and stored in liquid nitrogen until the patient is ready to undergo treatment using the eggs. When the patient is ready, her eggs are thawed, analysed, and fertilised using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). The highest quality sperm is injected into the egg and the best quality embryos will be selected for transfer back into the patient’s womb.

The introduction of vitrification has led to significantly higher chances of typically over 80% of the eggs surviving both the freezing and the thawing processes and therefore improved chances of positive outcomes for patients using their own frozen eggs in IVF treatment.

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