Why Do Women Choose Private Maternity Care?

If you are currently pregnant, or considering taking the first steps in your fertility journey, you may have come across the option of private maternity care.

While private maternity care may cost money, there are many benefits to the service that makes it worth considering as opposed to free maternity care.

Women opt to have private maternity care for a variety of reasons. Those with specific health requirements can benefit from the special care and attention we provide with these packages, which can be tailored to personal preferences.

If you are unsure whether you would benefit from private maternity care, we have put together a list of the special services and meetings that you can expect from us at Reproductive Health Group:

Personal Experience

Private Maternity Care

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Unlike with free maternity care, private maternity care offers a more personal level of care throughout your pregnancy.

This is largely influenced by the fact that you will only see one or two midwives over the course of your care, which will give you chance to develop an individual relationship with the people who are caring for you.

This is good as it means that the midwife advice you’ll receive is based on your unique preferences and requirements, as the midwives will personally know all your needs and monitor your wellbeing throughout your journey.

With free maternity care, you are more likely to see many midwives, which can make the service feel impersonal and less tailored to you.

High Risk Patients

Private antenatal care may be worth considering for patients who are considered higher risk.

This is because, unlike with free maternity services, you will have a regular team dedicated to ensuring that you and your baby are happy and healthy throughout your entire journey.

Along with this, you will have access to constant thorough advice and care, at short notice and whenever you need it. This is something that you would be unable to get with free antenatal care, which may be an issue to patients who need an extra bit of support.

This level of care is also suitable for average risk patients who just want the peace of mind and reassurance that regular consultations, scans and tests provide.

Tailored Packages

Maternity Packages

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The full private maternity care option offers the most comfortable and caring pregnancy possible. However, if you don’t feel as though this choice is right for you, but you would benefit from some of the features that it offers, you can create your own tailored package.

Choosing the various elements of the private maternity services that are important to you, such as a 3D pregnancy scans, will mean that you feel supported and in control of your own pregnancy.

This option is also useful, as private maternity care often provides better technology access than free maternity care, which will allow for more accurate scans and tests.

If you are interested in the extra level of care and support that we can offer to you throughout your pregnancy, or would like more information, then feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to help.