World’s first IVF baby Louise Brown celebrates 40th birthday

The world’s first ever IVF baby, Louise Brown, pictured above with RHG staff at this years HFEA Annual Conference, is today celebrating her 40th birthday.

Louise, now herself a mother-of-two, was born at at Oldham General Hospital on 25 July 1978. Her birth marked the end of 10 years of research and hundreds of failed attempts by embryologists Robert Edward and Jean Purdy and gynaecologist Patrick Steptoe.

Since then, more than six million IVF babies have been born around the world and we are delighted to have helped many patients achieve the dream of parenthood through successful IVF treatment.

RHG Clinical Director Luciano Nardo added, “IVF has come a long way since 1978. It is now not just a technique to assist fertility but one to help prevent genetic diseases and to preserve fertility for cancer patients. I am incredibly proud of what my team and I achieve every day to help make our patients dreams come true”.

Finally, happy birthday to Louise from all of the team at RHG.