Fertility specialists assemble in Cheshire

Earlier this month we welcomed some of the leading experts in the world of fertility to our Cheshire IVF & fertility clinic for the 2nd International RHG Congress.

The two day event was titled ‘From laboratory bench to live birth‘ and was aimed at learning, discussing and debating some of the most important aspects of current laboratory and clinical practice leading to a healthy live born baby.

The programme included presentations and debates from distinguished delegates from Spain, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Germany and of course the UK.

Topics ranged from ovarian stimulation, lifestyle & diet, sperm selection, egg storage and embryo development, which individually are all key to not just helping couples achieve a pregnancy, but to achieving a successful healthy birth.

This years event was hugely successful and demonstrates the far reaching respect our Cheshire based Centre for Reproductive Health maintains within the fertility community.

We also welcomed representatives from MERCK, Vitrolife, Sophia Genetics, Finox, IMT International and Besins Healthcare, who provide some of the very latest equipment & technology in world of fertility and women’s health.

We had many complimentary comments about the meeting itself, the programme and our facilities.

  • Very informative, learnt a lot
  • Perfect organisation and nice meeting
  • I very much enjoyed attending the conference and also the dinner
  • Outstanding organisation
  • It was a real pleasure and nice experience for me to take part in
  • A tremendously well organised meeting yet again!