Egg Freezing FAQs

The likelihood is that you already know what egg freezing is, however, it can be quite overwhelming researching and making the decision to go ahead with the process. 

We’ve had hundreds of patients walk through our doors with many questions and rightly so! This is a big decision but the possible end outcome is the same for each and every one.  

Here at Reproductive Health Group HQ, we’ve put our heads together following patient feedback and answered the most frequently asked questions on egg freezing to help you with your decision process. Have a look:


Why should I freeze my eggs?

Egg freezing allows you to preserve your eggs at a time when your fertility is at a higher level. Although you may not be interested in starting your journey to motherhood now, that doesn’t mean you can’t start to plan. 

With age being a major factor in fertility, doing this earlier gives you more options in the future if you decide to start your journey to parenthood.  


What can I expect when freezing my eggs?

The method used can be broken down into five simple separate steps found on our egg freezing page found here:


Is the egg freezing procedure painful?

The procedure of removing your eggs is not painful and is carried out under intravenous sedation. 

However, the hormone injection that takes place 9-12 days into the process can hurt, but this depends on how sensitive you are to injections. 


How many eggs are frozen?

This number can be dependent on several factors, and one of the most important is age.

If you are 34 years or younger you’re likely to be able to freeze between 10-20 eggs. If you are older then we’ll work with you to aim for the optimum amount of eggs possible to help you on your journey to parenthood.


How much will freezing my eggs cost?

Egg Freezing costs £3,200, this includes counselling, monitoring scans, medications, egg collection, egg freezing and the first follow up consultation.

Egg storage is priced separately. For each year this will cost £300 where your eggs will be stored in our state of the art lab until you are ready to use them.


How long can my eggs be stored for?

Your eggs can currently be stored for 10 years, but if you are ready to start your journey to motherhood earlier then the eggs are ready when you are.


What happens when I want to use my eggs?

When you’re ready, we will work with you to put together a treatment plan unique to you.


Within our onsite embryology lab, your eggs are thawed out for fertilisation and with the sperm of either your partner or a donor, your eggs will then be fertilised to create embryos.

The embryos will then be transferred to your uterus and will hopefully implant. We’ll monitor you following this and advise you to take a pregnancy test. 

Although we’ve answered quite a few questions, we know you may have more questions unique to your personal situation. Why not contact our specialists on 01925 202 180 or fill in our contact form to speak to a specialist and start your egg freezing journey with Reproductive Health Group.